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Cross Cultural Understanding Essays

Cross Cultural Understanding Essays Cross Cultural Understanding Essay Cross Cultural Understanding Essay The first civilization that would be considered as a client for this paper is a minority civilization of Asiatic Americans in the United States. Statistically. Asian-Americans compose the 4th largest cultural group in America. However. their cultural group is significantly far from the 3rd one which are the Latin American occupants of the state. Besides. an of import point to understand for the Asian-American civilization in the United States is that although they are American citizens and are classified under Asiatic descent. their cultural group and contents as many states belong to Asia such as Chinese. Indian. Vietnamese. Koreans. Nipponese ( Zhang. Snowden. A ; Sue. 1998 ) . However. late. although there has been a steady inflow of Asiatic subjects who have migrated to the United States in order to happen work. household. or any other intent. there is besides a class within the Asian-American community - those who have been descendants of Asians in the state. However. at least for this paper. those two subcategories of Asian-American shall be considered together. For this minority cultural group. we shall near to the treatment from the point of position of Jessica. Jessica is a Filipino who has migrated to the United States five old ages ago and whose current business is a family domestic assistant for a middle-class household in the state. Like many other Filipinos - in fact like many other Asians who have migrated to the United States. although their cultural beliefs have been associated by many people in the state to be either Buddhist. endowments. or any one of the far Eastern faiths. Jessica is really a Roman Catholic. Bing a Roman Catholic. she has the responsibilities and duties of traveling to Mass every Sunday and beliefs any many of the instructions of the Roman Catholic Church. although some of the beliefs are culturally different from Roman Catholics in the United States because of her Filipino roots. Besides. she was educated up to freshman college in our community back in the Philippines and is a female parent of three kids who have stayed back in the state and who. at least harmonizing to her. she wants to migrate to America over the following old ages if her nest eggs from her current business of every bit. Her hubby is besides endorsing her place state. Having highly powerful household values. her girl - the firstborn of her kids - his program to travel to the United States early following twelvemonth to get down analyzing here as a scholarship that has been granted to her by the local Filipino community and support group. Jessica. being a occupant of the United States and belong to any minority cultural community in the state. is of class entitled to have societal support as is recommended. documented. and legislated by that country’s authorities ( Brown A ; James. 2000 ) . However. this is non the lone ground why Jessica is having societal services. The fact that she belongs to a minority cultural community in the United States reflects that she is an person is gimping in a different cultural background than what she had been used to endorse in her place state. In fact. back in the Philippines. populating far from the urban city and in the rural countries of the state. Jessica. whenever she feels an complaint. does non instantly travel to the local infirmary non merely because of the certain disbursals that are required in order to have medical intervention. but besides because of the long-standing cultural belief that before any medical aid and assistance is taken and listed by citizens. the first individual that one approaches is the local therapists of the community ( Monzon. 1995 ) . Therefore. here. life in the United States. Jessica all of a sudden finds herself in state of affairss where he and if she has medical complaints. jobs. or even minor conditions - something which is normally felt particularly when in the industry of domestic and household work - she does non acknowledge that she is entitled to assorted medical rights as she is a taxpayer of the state. And because of the deficiency of the local therapists of the local occupants in the United States. Jessica merely seeks medical attending when the complaint that she feels ranges an intolerable province. If Jessica was back in the Philippines. although she would hold surely received societal public assistance and societal work services. she would hold had local support and be familiar with the system of medical intervention in our state. However. now. being the United States. her job is that such medical attending is dashing particularly for a migratory worker in the state who knows that her income in wage is comparatively low compared to other citizens ( Huang A ; Yeoh. 1996 ) . The handiness of societal work non merely for medical entree but besides for information sing what the snake pit services of the state can offer becomes indispensable in her instance and the many other domestic assistants that belong to Asian-American communities in the state. The 2nd individual that we take into consideration is an person named Lucas. Lucas. nevertheless. is non the existent name of the client for grounds that shall be apparent. Lucas belongs to a cultural bulk in the United States - African-Americans - who have integrated themselves from household. to environment. civilization. and even to work. in greater tube polyps and countries in the United States today. Lucas is 24 old ages old and works in an advertisement bureau in one of the many public dealingss groups in the metropolis. Besides. he is individual and populating individually from his household with an income that current income brackets would sort as under the middle-class. He has received a university instruction from one of the local province colleges and is be aftering on taking up a Masters degree in news media for public communicating in the following two old ages. Besides. Lucas is a Baptist Christian and belongs to a tightknit community of households that pattern the religion. However. non known to his household members and as he has merely revealed to a few people. Lucas is homosexual and has known this for rather some clip. He on a regular basis undergoes sexual brushs with work forces in and around his age belonging to all sorts of races and civilizations. Recently. Lucas. upon having medical medical examination and blood trial - every bit good as an advice from one of his sexual spouses - as discovered that he has the HIV virus and that his CD4 count is already below 300. The CD4 count is a index of the figure of white blood cells a individual has. A individual without HIV or does non hold any immune system jobs will normally hold 700 to 1000 CD4 count in their blood. Even persons who have contracted HIV virus do non needfully hold to take medicine every bit long as they are CD4 count remains above 300 ( Solomon et al. . 1998 ) . However. one time this figure is breached. certain doses of medicine have to be taken every twenty-four hours at a certain clip without losing a individual dosage in order to guarantee endurance from the disease. In fact. unbeknownst to Lucas or many other persons who have contracted HIV virus and have been tested. and single with HIV could last up to the normal lifetime of human existences given that they either take their medical specialty every twenty-four hours in on a regular basis without losing a individual dosage or sing proper leading to maintain their immune system up if their white blood cell counts have non yet gone below 300 ( Veazey A ; Lackner. 2004 ) . However. because of the negative convention of HIV. many people do non notice. Furthermore. the medicine for HIV-positive persons are highly expensive ( Kalichman et Al. . 2000 ) . It is up to societal workers to inform persons such as Lucas that the medicines required to contend off the HIV virus and to keep proper immune system in order to populate a full healthy life is really free and provided by the wellness services of the local and national authorities without any charge. In fact. as of late. any person who has contracted HIV virus and started the medicine that is provided by the authorities have non experienced deceases over five old ages because of its efficiency ( Cole. Kemeny. A ; Taylor. 1997 ) . The lone job with HIV is that persons do non cognize either if it’s lifelessly effects. its jobs of transmittal. or the fact that medical specialty is distributed freely by the authorities is one time tested this positive. Lucas had merely known of this fact when he had received information and aid from societal workers and the system of wellness benefits for HIV-positive persons together with societal work scenarios are kept in complete namelessness particularly sing the fact that Lucas belongs to a spiritual religious order of Christianity that condone such actions ( Nelson. Rosenfeld. Breitbart. A ; Galietta. 2002 ) . I. on the other manus. am a 28-year-old heterosexual female and have been raised in the state. although treatments with parents and relations have revealed that I have some Italian and Native American roots. Besides. I am profoundly spiritual and believe in big households. every bit good as a house truster that sex should merely be undergone after matrimony as it stopped by the Catholic faith that I fierily pattern. As a societal worker. it is really indispensable to understand - particularly sing the two clients that have already been mentioned earlier in this paper - of the assorted contexts they are coming from. In fact. one of the most debatable attack is particularly in societal work is if we have societal workers instantly instigate judgement upon persons. These two individualities. although significantly different from each other and even significantly different from my ain. necessitate self-contemplation and interface because it is merely through understanding their local societal and cultural context would I be able to understand the manner they think and hence besides be able to explicate programs on how to assist these persons and even be able to assist other in the commissariats who belong to the same societal and cultural bulk or minority in the hereafter. For illustration. in the instance of Jessica. possibly it may non be logical for me as a American citizens understand why she doesn’t travel to healthcare installations instantly when she feels hurting and parts of her organic structure. but so realized that her cultural position is that from the Philippines and a little room small town community where elements normally go off or if they don’t. are addressed by local medical specialties and she looks. However. unbeknownst to these persons is that some diseases - like the 1s that have been experienced by Lucas - could merely be seen after comparative medical scrutinies and trials have been performed by research installations and infirmaries which look specifically for marks. symptoms. and complaints as a consequence of old ages of survey by medical professionals in their Fieldss ( Woloschuk A ; Tarrant. 2002 ) . Besides. as another illustration. from the point of position of Lucas. being raised as a Christian Baptist instantly raises a job in the issue of homosexualism - much more the issue of holding contracted HIV because of his many experiences and sexual brushs. Possibly. from my point of position. it would hold been unlogical for him non to seek intervention instantly. However. what I must retrieve once more is that from his cultural point of position and position - particularly from the position of faith and household - being a homophile is a wickedness non merely to local household members but even to his destiny as good - much more undertaking the deathly HIV virus. As a societal worker. even though I believe that sex should merely be done after matrimony and done in full fidelity to your spouse. if I truly wanted to assist Lucas. I would non present this judgement merely because of my ain cultural Mormon position but instead understand it from his point of position and realized that wellness. among others. must trump the cards from the position of my responsibility as a societal worker. Mentions: Brown. D. E. . A ; James. G. D. ( 2000 ) . Physiological emphasis responses in Filipino-American immigrant nurses: the effects of abode clip. life-style. and occupation strain ( Vol. 62. pp. 394–400 ) . Am Psychosomatic Soc. Cole. S. W. . Kemeny. M. E. . A ; Taylor. S. E. ( 1997 ) . Social individuality and physical wellness: accelerated HIV patterned advance in rejection-sensitive homosexual work forces. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 72 ( 2 ) . 320. Huang. S. . A ; Yeoh. B. S. ( 1996 ) . Neckties that bind: province policy and migratory female domestic assistants in Singapore. Geoforum. 27 ( 4 ) . 479–493. Kalichman. S. C. . Benotsch. E. . Suarez. T. . Catz. S. . Miller. J. . A ; Rompa. D. ( 2000 ) . Health literacy and health-related cognition among individuals populating with HIV/AIDS. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 18 ( 4 ) . 325–331. Monzon. R. B. ( 1995 ) . Traditional medical specialty in the intervention of parasitic diseases in the Philippines. Southeast Asiatic diary of tropical medical specialty and public wellness. 26 ( 3 ) . 421–428. Nelson. C. J. . Rosenfeld. B. J. . Breitbart. W. . A ; Galietta. M. ( 2002 ) . Spirituality. faith. and depression in the terminally sick ( Vol. 43. pp. 213–220 ) . Acad Psychosom Med. Solomon. L. . Stein. M. . Flynn. C. . Schuman. P. . Schoenbaum. E. . Moore. J. . et Al. ( 1998 ) . Health services usage by urban adult females with or at hazard for HIV-1 infection: the HIV Epidemiology Research Study ( HERS ) . Journal of acquired immune lack syndromes and human retrovirology: official publication of the International Retrovirology Association. 17 ( 3 ) . 253. Veazey. R. S. . A ; Lackner. A. A. ( 2004 ) . Geting to the backbones of HIV pathogenesis ( Vol. 200. pp. 697–700 ) . The Rockefeller University Press. Woloschuk. W. . A ; Tarrant. M. ( 2002 ) . Does a rural educational experience influence students’ likeliness of rural pattern? Impact of pupil background and gender. Journal of Rural Health. 18 ( 4 ) . 492. Zhang. A. Y. . Snowden. L. R. . A ; Sue. S. ( 1998 ) . Differences between Asiatic and White Americans’ aid seeking and use forms in the Los Angeles country. Journal of Community Psychology. 26 ( 4 ) .

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