Wednesday, February 26, 2020

CIPD DIPLOMA 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CIPD DIPLOMA 2 - Essay Example that encouraged two-way communication, hence giving the students an opportunity to participate in class, which contributed positively to the learning process. The learning institution had adequate classrooms, which ensured that the class had a reasonable number of students. Consequent to this, I was able to interact with all the students in the class at a personal level. This also helped me to form personal relationships with the students, thus making follow up very easy for me. More to this, I had enough instruction materials. This equipped me adequately as I was able to deliver the requirements of the sessions with much ease. Therefore, I handled the training successfully, thus accomplishing the objectives of the training. Successful learning requires the presence of a positive environment. I achieved this by setting rules and norms for the class. The rules and norms were set in collaboration with the students, which ensured that the students expressed how they wanted to be treated. I also got an opportunity to communicate amicably to the students on how I expected them to treat the learning sessions, hence gaining a common ground on how the sessions were to be conducted. This promoted a positive environment, as the sessions were orderly, and full of respect, which boosted the concentration of the students. Getting to nurture good relationships with the students also helped in creating a positive environment. I welcomed them to the class with a greeting each time we had a session, and took a few minutes to enquire on how they had been since our last session. This created a caring atmosphere, hence drawing the attention of the students to learn what I had for them. Additionally, I mastered the names of the students, and addressed them by their names, whenever I asked a question. More to these, I showed concern by asking about their personal lives from time to time, and encouraged them, whenever the need arose. This helped them develop positive feelings about

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